Our Product Range

Insulating Bricks
Conventional Low Duty Insulation bricks conforming to
  • IS- 12951 & GOST-2694 standards such as Mica, Vermiculite & Diatomite Base Insulating Bricks.
Medium Duty Insulation bricks conforming to
  • IS- 2042, ISO- 2245 & GOST-5040, such as
  • Light Fire Clay, Hot Face, Cold Face & Kyanite Insulating Bricks. These bricks have low thermal conductivity, low density and sufficiently good strength for handling purposes.
Our AC-POROUS series of High Purity Insulating Bricks are specially manufactured through vibro-casting-pressing route using synthetic raw material, resulting in homogonous pores thereby ensuring maximum insulating efficiency. This characteristic also makes these bricks suitable for hot face insulation since gas permeation is prevented. Apart from low thermal conductivity these bricks have low density, high strength, high PCE and low iron content and confirms to.
  • ASTM – C155, Class 20,23,26,28 & ISO- 2245 Standards.

Monolithics & Mortars
Insulating Castables in high & medium purity conforming to EIL & ASTM specifications
All types of mortars for various quality bricks are supplied in air setting or ceramic setting.
Insulating loose fill raw material, in various grading & quality for use in filling & Castable/PCPF manufacturing.
Pre-cast-pre-fired Insulating Shapes
Specialized, complex or large sized shapes & blocks are manufactured as per drawing through Pre-Cast-Pre-fired (PCPF) route.
We also manufacture Insulation Bricks & Castables based on tailor-made specifications of customers. We also undertake supplies of various quality refractory bricks in bauxite and siliminite base, its compatible fireclay mortar, conventional Refractory castables, low cement castables & ultra low cement castables through our associate manufacturers and channel partners. Acid proof bricks along with its mortar are also sourced and supplied under our quality assurance & guarantee for packages and project purposes. For any queries contact our marketing department. Our Products Profile
Standards Products
As per ASTM –C-155 (Insulating fire bricks) GR 20, 23, 26, 28, 30, 32
As per ISO 2245 85-0.45, 125-0.5, 135-0.8, 140-0.8, 150-0.9, 160-1.0, TB9-140-1.2
IS – 2042 TYPE A, B, C
IS – 12951 CLASS 2, 3
Japanese JIS Standard A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 - B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 - C1, C2 & C3
INS SERIES INS-110, INS-135, INS-140
POROSINT POROSINT 500, 600, 650, 750, 1550
EIL & LURGI Specifications H1, H2, H3, C1, C2
CHINESE JB Specifications LG-0.6, LG-0.8, LG-1, NG-0.5, NG-0.8, NG-1
GOST 2694, 5040 - A1 1.3, B1 1.3, B1 1.0, B1 0.8
Insulation Bricks Applications
Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Reheating and Forging Furnaces
Iron & Steel Backup Lining in Heat Treatment Furnace , Blast Furnaces & Hot Stoves of Blast Furnace
Power Generation Air Pre-Heaters
Petrochemical Flues, Refining Vessels and Reactor Chambers
Sponge Iron, Ceramic & Glass High Temperature Kilns, Hot Face & Backup Lining
Fertilizer Primary & Secondary Reformer, Hydrogen Transfer Lines
Boilers Backup Insulation Lining